Sitemap - 2022 - Fintech Brain Food 🧠

Fintech 🧠 Food Presents: The State of Fintech 2023

Fintech 🧠 Food - A Fintech good news story Wise is hiring! What if Twitter did Payments? SBF Interview & BlockFi bankruptcy

Fintech 🧠 Food - Winning at Embedded Finance, FTX and the tiny bank & Starling blocks Crypto

Fintech 🧠 Food - The future of trust, Unit does Credit & WTF happened to Genesis?

Fintech 🧠 Food - WTF Happened to FTX?

Fintech 🧠 Food - Chime layoffs, JPM's landlord account, ESGxFintech and should you leave your BaaS provider?

Fintech 🧠 Food - M2020 impressions, Apple breaks NFTs and Amazon adds Venmo

Fintech 🧠 Food - The future of B2B Fintech, Chase does get paid early & even Apple does savings now - 23rd Oct 2022

Fintech 🧠 Food - I'm Long Fintech Talent, The DeFi Hacks and Marcus gets its wings clipped - 16th October 2022

Fintech 🧠 Food - Who can win at Fintech in this market? SEC Keeps up with a Kardashian and Railsr raises

Fintech 🧠 Food - Fintech Infrastructure Wars, FTX Acquirers Voyager Assets & how Jamie Dimon resolved an age old payments issue

Fintech 🧠 Food - Open Data is the key to improving consumer outcomes, Stripe does USDC payouts & White House Digital Asset Framework - Sep 26 2022

Fintech 🧠 Food - 18th Sep 2022 - Fintech is dead; long live Fintech, Starbucks does NFTs and my take on the OCC sponsor bank drama

Fintech 🧠 Food - Sep 2nd 2022 - Is Crypto a scam or just full of scams? Klarna results, Ticketmaster does NFTs and the trouble with real estate Fintech.

Fintech 🧠 Food - 28th Aug 2022 - DeFi as new global capital markets, FTX vs FDIC and how NFT lending works

Fintech 🧠 Food - 21st Aug 2022 - Everyone hates Flow, Fed Master Accounts and Nubank keeps crushing it.

Fintech 🧠 Food - August 14th 2022 - Tornado Cash is the battleground for privacy vs AML.

Fintech 🧠 Food - 7th August 2022 - Robinhood layoffs, Coinbase up 60% & Is Fintech more Finance or Tech?

Fintech 🧠 Food - 31st July 2022 - Why is it easier to get into debt than build wealth? Revolut losing risk exes, and Citi's comback.

Fintech 🧠 Food - July 24th 2022 - Incentives in Finance, Coinbase Insolvent? Ramp ramps up revenue and why Pix in Brazil matters

🍝🧠 - July 10th 2022 - Manufacturing vs Distribution in Finance, The central bank of FTX & why down rounds are good.

🧠🍝 - 3rd July 2022 - The bull case for DeFi, FTX does all the things, and the Robinhood memestock reckoning begins

🧠🍣 - 26th June 2022 - Incumbents don't call it a come back. Carnage in Crypto & My take on Brex and SMBs

🧠 Some personal news.

🧠🍝 12th June 2022 - Apple Pay Later, Affirm & Stripe, Plus Goldman "in talks" with FTX

5th June 2022 - Can Neobanks ever be profitable? Layoffs at Bolt, Stripe Marketplace & The importance of time to money

29th May 2022 - Neobank economics, Fintech web3 wallets and Unit, Modulr & Thought machine raises

May 22nd 2022 - Who's looking to M&A and why? Google Virtual Cards & former Meta Payments front man getting into Lightning

15th May 2022 - Fintech is dead, long live Fintech. The Great Depegging and Stripes Plaid competitor

1st May 2022 - Could Web3 be backwardly compatible with Fiat? Stripe USDC Payouts, Truelayer Open Banking Payments

24th April 2022 - Robinhood Acquires Ziglu, Coinbase NFT Marketplace and why isn't there a global consumer Fintech company yet?

17 Apr 2022 - Stablecoins will change the world, FIDEL raises $65m and NEAR Protocol raises $350m

10th April 2022 - Disclosure DAOs, Jamie Dimon's annual letter, Fast closes its doors and why Lightning Network Matters.

3rd April 2022 - Web 2.5 is a thing, Axie Infinity Hacked and Robinhood is up on new trading hours

Fintech 🧠 Food - 27th March 2022 - Why adding value in payments wins, Apple acquires UK Open Banking provider & Investors Ape into Bored Ape creator.

Fintech 🧠 Food - 20 March 2022 - The Crypto Executive Order, Consensys raises @ $7bn, Stripe does Crypto & Putin's Geopolitics

Fintech 🧠 Food - March 13th 2022 - Fintech's dirty little secret, Sberbank on UnionPay, and Interchange Fee rise coming

Fintech 🧠 Food - 6th March 2022 - The role of Crypto in a Crisis, Klarna raising @ $60bn and Payhawk the Bulgarian Unicorn

Fintech 🧠 Food - 27th Feb 2022 - Sanctions the Geopolitical weapon that needs an upgrade. Chime is delaying its IPO and Flutterwave is a regional powerhouse.

Fintech 🧠 Food - Feb 20th 2022 - Crypto's coming of age party, Affirm stock plunge & FIS buying Payrix

Fintech 🧠 Food - Feb 13th 2022 - Web 3 is new risk, new opportunity. Sequoia leads $450m into Eth L2 Polygon & Fiserv acquires Finxact

Fintech 🧠 Food - 6th Feb 2022 - Apple in Merchant Acceptance, Walmart acquisitions and CBDCs vs Stablecoins the battle for the future of payments?

Fintech 🧠 Food - 30 Jan 2022 - Acorns cancels SPAC, CashApp will use Lightning for Bitcoin Payments & Why Plaid could be the identity layer for Finance

Fintech 🧠 Food - Jan 23 2022 - Affirm & Verifone, Apple vs Visa & JPMC is going all in vs. Fintech companies 🔥

Fintech 🧠 Food - Jan 16 2022 - Checkout, Brex and Zerohash raise, Paypal stablecoin and Opinions vs Choice in APIs.

Fintech 🧠 Food - Jan 9th 2022 - Opensea's $13.3bn valuation, Razorpay's round and Finding the emergent properties of finance.

Fintech 🧠 Food - Jan 2nd 2022 - Can DeFi fix Lending? India's new Neobank and Messari's 2022 Crypto Predictions are 🔥