So many amazing insights here that anyone who has worked in a bank will have seen first hand.

Thanks for a great a summary of how and why banks struggle to innovate and make great products.

In many banks those who decide priorities and hold the purse strings spend all day in meetings making decisions and don’t spend time on the front line with their teams or talking to customers.

Or if they do meet with their teams it’s to communicate corporate priorities rather than to genuinely listen and to understand.

Most bank execs exist in a world where the goal is to sell more of their bank to customers above all else, which entails a lot of networking and internal discussions.

They may say they don’t have time to download and register for other fintech apps. This leads to the situation where banks present features which came about many months or years ago on a fintech app, yet they promote it as being a great new feature.

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this truthful slate of suggestions for incumbents might not go well with some readers lol, I appreciate it as always and I like the new pixel style brain without the previous lettuce leaf

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