So much to digest here! Interesting article on the mistakes LLMs make and Stripe’s use case for fraud monitoring🧠

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"HSBC has a history of acquiring a brand and leaving them alone. "

Most of the brands acquired by HSBC (Midland, Marine Midland, British Bank of the Middle East, Credit Commercial de France etc) have been / were subsumed into the HSBC brand. Only Hang Seng (A major player in HSBC's home market of Hong Kong) and the first direct division of Midland seem to have survived as separate brands. Only now is first direct receiving some attention from the parent.

It will be interesting to see how svb> UK fares under HSBC UK. Having fewer customers than a normal branch and 800 staff dedicated to 3500 relationships the economics of svb> UK are hard to see. Lets hope the £1 was wisely spent.

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