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Simon - this newsletter was on point! Resonated heavily with the weekly rant as we are building something in this vein. Global money transfers should be instant and painless. We're building an API for any fintech who wants to be default global and offer quick transfers to their customers, regardless of country.

We've seen players like Orum solve RTP (& soon FedNow payments) in the US, but there's no default yet to integrate with real-time rails globally.

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Your newsletter is a Fintech Tour de Force!

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Thanks for featuring my tweet about the 70-page report we wrote on Real World Assets (RWAs).

The Primer defines the type of assets that might be brought to the blockchain, the 'stack', and how the industry evolves.

If interested, read the report here https://docsend.com/view/u53utyp2j4ycg7r6

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Great post Simon, I especially enjoyed the rant on the intricacies of payment fintech platforms. Cheers and hope the pound does not pound your finances too much.

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