Plus, Monzo 2.5'x revenue, Marqeta acquires Power and Chainalysis data shows Crypto AML works better than TradFi AML
Plus, Stablecoins are are a better cross-border rail, Banks launching a Venmo competitor and small banks are struggling
Hey everyone 👋, thanks for coming back to Brainfood, where I take the week's biggest events and try to get under the skin of what's happening in…
Plus Coinbase layoffs, TikTok and JPM and why banks delude themselves about the P2P business case
Why loyalty could be the next big thing in Fintech. What Wyre's shutdown means for Crypto, and the FTC won't let Mastercard be but it feels so empty…
A look at the key segments of TradFi and Fintech, the prospects for growth all set against the macro context.
In a world of layoffs, there is a spark of hope as Wise is hiring and growing. And speaking of hope, I enjoy speculating about what could be if Twitter…
Everyone wants embedded finance at the same time regulatory scrutiny into "Fintech partnerships" is reaching new heights. Understanding the regulatory…
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