Plus: Hindenburg alleges massive fraud at Block, UBS buys Credit Suisse & 4D chess in card payments
Plus, How Stripe uses GPT-4 to prevent fraud, and why Credit Suisse is a nuanced situation
Plus: Rest in Peace Catch & Silvergate. And The Future of Fintech in Africa
Plus Goldman's big Marcus miss, Nubank keeps crushing and Varo's downround
Plus leaked stripe results, India and Singapore link payment systems and why you should never outsource your ledger to your payments processor.
Plus Kraken settles with the SEC and where PayPal goes next after layoffs.
Plus, Monzo 2.5'x revenue, Marqeta acquires Power and Chainalysis data shows Crypto AML works better than TradFi AML
Plus, Stablecoins are are a better cross-border rail, Banks launching a Venmo competitor and small banks are struggling
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